Walking With Our Sisters: Native American Beadwork to Honor the Lives of Women

We all know about how beads have the power to heal, to tell stories, and to enrich our lives through the meditative nature of off-loom bead-weaving. Walking With Our Sisters, a commemorative art installation that has been traveling throughout the United States and Canada, was created to honor the lives of more than 600 missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. Many of these cases have been largely ignored by the media and inadequately investigated by law enforcement, leaving the families to deal with their grief and very few answers.

The project was conceived by Christi Belcourt of Ontario, Canada. She wanted to create an art installation to honor the lives of these missing and murdered Indigenous women while raising awareness. In June of 2012, she issued a call to anyone interested in creating a pair of beaded moccasin tops to be a part of the exhibit. Each pair of moccasin tops was beaded to honor an aspect of the lives of these women — they were mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, and friends. Their disappearance leaves a void in both their families and their communities. The moccasins were left unfinished to symbolize the unfinished lives of the missing women they were created to honor.

In the end, over 1,700 beaded moccasin tops were created by men, women, and children from both Canada and the United States, and donated to the exhibit. The moccasin tops are displayed in a large floor installation, where viewers remove their shoes and walk along a piece of cloth as they view the unfinished moccasins. Walking With Our Sisters is an entirely crowd-funded project, from the artists who donated time and materials to create the beaded moccasin tops to the transportation and bookings of the exhibit in galleries throughout the United States and Canada.

Walking With Our Sisters is now booked in over 25 galleries throughout North America, showing until 2019. You can see Walking With Our Sisters at the First Nations University Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) from November 4, 2013 until December 20, 2013; and at the G'zaagin Art Gallery in Parry Sound,  Ontario from January 1 until January 31, 2014. (You can find the full exhibit schedule on the Walking With Our Sisters website.)

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