W.O.R.D.: Dayana Krawchuk’s Version of Beadwork‘s Beading Patterns

Dayana Krawchuk submitted her version of Evelína Palmontová’s Pinwheel Bracelet from August/September 2016 Beadwork and Robijo Burzynski’s Briolette Bauble Earrings from October/November 2016.

Dayana Krawchuk’s Version of Evelína Palmontová’s Pinwheel Bracelet

Evelína Palmontová’s Pinwheel Bracelet featured in Beadwork.

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: I am primarily a knitter and moonlight as the online knitting persona “Dayana Knits.” I also have a Ph.D. in Genetics! What I love about crafters is that they can be from any walk of life, any field of study, and any place in the world. I have learned so many different things from crafters. Actually, a fellow knitter introduced me to bead weaving and Beadwork magazine. I had no idea what amazing pieces you could make with only beads and fishing line!

Q: How long have you been bead weaving?

A: I started bead weaving about a year and a half ago.

Q: What attracted you to these projects?

A: For the bracelet, I loved the fact that you can use all of these different sized beads to make a very neat, modular piece. I tend to prefer very geometric shapes to circular shapes. For the earrings, I wanted the chance to use metallic beads in an earring to simulate gold itself, and it was all about finding the right main drop bead to highlight the metallic look. I loved them so much I made a second pair with chunky 6/0 Delicas—it’s hard to believe they’re from the same pattern!

Q: How did you choose the color-way?

A: I love blacks and grays, so I knew I wanted to use those colors for the bracelet. However, jewelry doesn’t have enough punch in those colors. In my opinion, the best way to show off a good gray is to lay it on pink or cream!

Dayana Krawchuk’s Version of Beadwork's Beading Patterns

Dayana used a cream background to make the black beads pop in her version of
Palmontová’s Pinwheel Bracelet.

I wanted to simulate metal for the earrings and my favorite metal is matte gold. I channeled Cleopatra and added a green crystal stone.

Dayana Krawchuk’s Version of Beadwork's Beading Patterns

Dayana’s first pair of Briolette Bauble Earrings.

Q: Did you alter either of the patterns?

A: I didn’t have any SuperDuos when I made the bracelet, so I used MiniDuos. They worked great!

The gold earrings were made to the letter, but then I was curious about what a chunky 6/0 iris Delica would look so I stitched the earrings that way and they came out fabulous. I didn’t add a stone because they were chunky enough.

Dayana Krawchuk’s Version of Beadwork's Beading Patterns

Dayana used size 6/0 iris Delica seed beads to make these earrings.

Q: What do you plan to do with the project?

A: I wear these pieces all the time. I especially love the gold earrings.

Q: Anything else you would like to add about beading, the project, or your relationship to Beadwork.

A: I wanted to add that when I received my first issue of Beadwork, I made almost everything in the issue. I am hopelessly addicted to Beadwork magazine!

Thanks, Dayana! We love seeing how our published projects motivate readers to create their own variations. If you have a W.O.R.D. (What Our Readers Did) submission based on one of our published projects, please send it to beadworksubmissions@interweave.com and include “W.O.R.D.” in the subject line.

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor
Beadwork magazine

Photo courtesy of Dayana Krawchuk.

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