Using Pinterest to Promote Your Jewelry Business

Business Saturday: Jewelry business help with Cathleen McCarthy, founder and editor of The Jewelry Loupe, a magazine-blog for jewelry lovers, makers, and connoisseurs

Q: When did you start using Pinterest?

A: I became aware of Pinterest soon after it launched in March 2010, a few months after I started my blog. I was posting a lot, trying to build traffic, and obsessively checking my stats on Google Analytics. “Pinterest” kept showing up, and it was climbing higher every time I checked, sending more and more traffic to my site.

Q: How many followers do you have?

A: I was late to the Pinterest game and have never been a prolific pinner. I have more than 500 followers on my Pinterest boards, which is nothing compared with some jewelry pinners I follow. However, Pinterest is my #1 source of social media traffic–although I suspect this has less to do with my own pinning than with what other people pin from my blog. Some of those images have gone viral, thanks to pinners with tens of thousands of followers.

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Jewelry Business

A photo that went viral on Pinterest from The Jewelry Loupe website. Photo courtesy of SPIES JEWELRY DESIGN

Q: What do people love about Pinterest?

A: It’s a social bookmarking site for the visually oriented—you don’t have to write a word to pin a photo. Pinterest was designed to bookmark a Web page for future reference by saving a compelling photo from that page. This means someone can click on a pinned photo and land on the originally bookmarked page. So if an image from your site or online shop goes viral, you might have hundreds or even thousands of visual doors leading to your product page.

Q: What’s the easiest way to increase your number of Pinterest followers?

A: By pinning like a maniac. Becky Cole, another jewelry blogger I know, has 27,600 Pinterest followers—but she has also pinned more than 35,000 images to 143 boards! However, your ultimate goal should be to increase the number of pins from your site. The easiest way to do this is to post irresistible images of your jewelry online. Also, be sure to tag and title your images so they lead back to your site—which I discuss in my Pinterest webinar.

Q: What makes a pin go “viral”?

A: A jewelry photo that goes viral on Pinterest is typically a fabulous and unique piece of jewelry photographed in a compelling way. Sometimes it’s a look that’s “trending” on Pinterest, much like in fashion. You either have your finger on the pulse, or you get lucky.

Q: How do you turn Pinterest followers into customers?

A: Engage with them. Follow them, follow their boards, and repin their pins. Better yet, comment on their pins. Nobody ever comments, so you really notice if someone does. If you notice someone pinning your jewelry regularly, especially to a “wish list” board, reach out. You can just thank them for their interest, or you can make them an offer, such as a discount.

Q: If you’re using Pinterest successfully, can you ignore other social media?

A: I strongly advise against choosing one social media platform and ignoring the rest, even if you’re killing it on one platform. Not everyone you want to reach is on Pinterest (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). These platforms work best as part of an overall strategy, which I discuss in my social media webinar.

Q: Are there any Pinterest no-no’s?

A: Don’t pull images off a site to pin, which cuts off the flow of traffic to the source. If you’re pinning someone else’s photography, don’t delete the credit.

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