Using Buttons in Jewelry Designs

Do you use buttons in your jewelry? When I was a little girl, I inherited a large jar of buttons from my grandmother. By using them in jewelry, I can not only appreciate their beauty and uniqueness, but also maintain a connection with my family.

One common use for buttons is as a bracelet clasp. Here are three bracelets on Beading Daily that use buttons for closures:

At left: Some buttons from my personal collection.

Here are a few more ideas for using buttons in jewelry:


 Just for Fun . . . My First Beaded Holiday Gift

As promised, here's the gift I made for my new office mate, Bertha. She usually models for Knitting Daily (I think they bribe her with free yarn), but graciously agreed to pose with her new necklace. 

I created this quick necklace as a joke, using leftover, inexpensive beads that I found in my stash: aqua glass rounds, black plastic triangles, size 11 purple seed beads, and iridescent glass ovals that are black on one side, purple/cobalt/aqua on the other. (I may be crazy enough to design for a mannequin, but I'm not crazy enough to use expensive beads!) I did not include a clasp–an advantage of designing for a headless client!

One surprising twist: I received a number of compliments on my "joke" necklace. It was a good reminder that while the quality of materials is important, you shouldn't discount your own skill in combining colors, shapes, and finishes and creating a beautiful piece. You are talented!

Coming Friday: Winners of the first Beading Daily challenge!

Are you making any beaded gifts this year? This poll ended Friday, November 30, 2007.

Does location matter when selling your jewelry? On Monday ("Elegant Netted Bracelet"), I talked about seeing jewelry in two very different places and how that affected me as a buyer. Sue S. pointed out the importance of the display itself, not just the venue. Sue K. agreed, saying, "I could probably sell ice cream to Eskimos if the set-up was right." And Zitta S. pointed out that the "overload" problem is common in shop display windows. Please join the conversation by adding your comments on this topic!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. Despite her best efforts, she continues to add to her button collection.

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