How to Use Video to Your Advantage and Improve Your Jewelry Business

How to Use Video to Your Advantage for Your Jewelry Business

Jess Lincoln, owner of Vintaj

There are many forms of media one can use to promote their jewelry business. Mastering them to use them for the full potential can be a bit more difficult. With a YouTube presence since 2009, Vintaj is able to use videos to not only promote their new products, but to also bring in new customers. Jess Italia Lincoln, owner of Vintaj, has some advice on how to use video to your advantage for your jewelry business.

Q: What is your advice for someone who wants to film a video related to an aspect of their business?
A: Take a look at your overall design aesthetic; pinpoint what defines your style and attracts people to your jewelry. You may want to create a series of your work featuring how-to videos or tips on starting a jewelry business, getting the best results for photographing beads or jewelry, using social media, preparing for market, etc. There are many topics you can break down into short tips or tutorials once you decide what it is you’d like to share.

Q: How do you plan your videos?
A: Vintaj technique videos are planned around the release of a new product, tool, or technique. When we set up for filming, we have at least three individual techniques prepared to shoot at once so they can be released as a series. It’s important to use keywords in your video titles so they show up when someone searches your business name or a specific topic they want to learn about. Make sure all the materials, tools, and supplies shown in your video are easily accessible to the viewer by sharing resource information.

Q: Explain your preparation for filming.
A: I create a simple outline noting my key points and a checklist of the supplies needed. It’s a good idea to do a quick run-through to make sure your camera recording settings, lighting, and audio are working before diving in. Set up a clean, quiet workstation and have everything you need at arm’s reach to demonstrate your technique(s). Have a variety of samples of the finished piece to show. It’s also important to have a clean and simple manicure that won’t distract from the pieces.

How to Use Video to Your Advantage for Your Jewelry Business

Q: What details do you include or leave out of a video?
A: If a project features multiple steps and might seem overwhelming to beginners, it’s best to break the project down into a variety of technique videos. Samples are created to identify which steps are most important to focus on and demonstrate. Sticking to the focal or a unique aspect of the design will draw the most interest.

Q: Do you find that there is an ideal length for how-to videos?
A: When filming Vintaj technique videos, we keep ours on the shorter side so viewers don’t lose interest. We focus specifically on one technique per video. Our quick DIY videos are typically under five minutes. Some of our more detailed techniques are under ten minutes and never go over fifteen minutes.

Q: How have videos impacted your business?
A: Videos have definitely impacted our business in a positive way. Because we sell the product itself, education has been such a helpful tool and inspiration for our customers on how to incorporate our products into their own personal design style. We have seen a daily increase in new subscribers to our YouTube channel and fewer email inquiries regarding the use of products.

How to Use Video to Your Advantage for Your Jewelry Business

Photos courtesy of Rose Noble.

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine. To find out more about Vintaj and their successful videos, visit the Vintaj website.

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