Use Beads to Dress Up Your COVID Mask Necklace

bead lanyard necklace covid mask

Who could have predicted that face masks would become such an essential accessory in our daily lives? Online retailers, Etsy shops, and even department stores have jumped on the bandwagon with their creative mask designs. But leave it to beaders to kick it up a notch by creating stylish mask necklaces or holders! They’re made with beads or chain that can be converted to wrap bracelets, eyeglasses holders, ID holders, or necklaces. Here are a few of our favorite takes on the latest trend in mask accessories.

ABOVE: Photo courtesy of Potomac Beads

COVID Mask Necklaces: Decorate & Add Versatility

beaded mask necklace covid
Photo Courtesy of Amber Waterman Thomas/Potomac Beads

Allie Buchman of created this boho-chic look, with green and blue beads on knotted cord. According to Allie, “This was created in response to a dining experience with my young children when COVID rates were low, and we felt comfortable dining outdoors to support a local family-owned business. My children were misplacing their masks, placing them on the table, letting them fall on the ground, and placing them on dirty seats. It was easy to adapt an eyeglass-style lanyard into a mask holder that could be removed for washing the mask.” For bead knotting instructions, read How to Knot Pearls.

Woman Shops World beaded mask necklace covid
Photo Courtesy of Woman Shops World

We love the creative approach that Carter Seibels of Woman Shops World takes, with her lively rainbow design that doubles as a choker. Carter says, “A mask without bling is so last month! Now that masks are part of our lives, they’re just one more way to express yourself and get creative. I like to jazz mine up with enamel beads.”

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This stylish lanyard by Becky Dahl for is so pretty that it looks more like a necklace than a mask accessory. Becky explains, “In these unique times, you need a mask to go anywhere, so these chains make it easy to keep them close by and ready to wear. The best part about making them is you can use any color of beads to match your style!”

mask necklace Beadalon
Photo Courtesy of Beadalon

We love all the sparkle in this mask necklace holder, created by Meredith Roddy for Meredith says, “When faced with the necessity of wearing a mask everywhere, I wanted to make it more fashionable, but also more functional. With a mask necklace, I can take a ‘mask break’ without accidentally dropping my mask or mistakenly putting it down on a surface. And the pretty beads make it feel more like an accessory than a necessity.

Take Good Care

If you need a refresher on how to clean your mask necklace, check out Meredith Steele’s tips for cleaning jewelry. And, for additional mask-making supplies, download your copy of the free Annual Buyers’ Directory.

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