Update Your Jewelry Using New Fashion Trends


Original necklace from LOFT Blue and gray ribbons Coral and pale yellow ribbons

Pearls Perfected
by Linda Larsen
Handcrafted Jewelry 2012

While I tend to go for classic styles that can be worn for years, I like to have at least one trendy jewelry piece that fits into the current fashion season. Unfortunately, that can make for a deep drawer full of jewelry that no longer seems so wearable. But some old trends are resurrected, taking shape in slightly new forms (look how the neon buzz from the 1980s has returned). Enter: upcycled jewelry.

A couple years ago I bought a multistrand chain-and-faux-pearl necklace from Ann Taylor LOFT. I was in love with the glam-rocker appeal of chunky hardware around the neck, which I always wore with a simple, sophisticated solid top or dress. But now we're in the fashion age of color, and I wanted something stunning.

Using Linda Larsen's Pearls Perfected necklace from Handcrafted Jewelry 2012 for inspiration, I dressed up my old necklace with satin silk ribbons. I used one ribbon to weave through one of the chains, only stringing every few links. I used a second ribbon to wrap around all the chains, occasionally stringing a random chain link to hold it in place. Then I tied the ribbon ends to the end links of the chain.

I spent a few minutes experimenting with different stringing, weaving, and wrapping combinations and assorted ribbon colors, and I found a few favorites.

What materials and techniques have you used to update older jewelry pieces?

Happy Beading!

Kate Wilson
Project Editor

Resources: Multistrand necklace: LOFT. Blue and light gray ribbons: Nina Designs.

Look for Handcrafted Jewelry 2012 on newsstands September 25!


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