Unique Uses for Wire Dangles in Your Beadweaving Projects

My "Hypnotize Me" bead embroidered pendant uses wire wrapped dangles as fringe.

How easy is this? Take a couple of beads and string them on a head pin. Make a wrapped loop, and you've got one of the most versatile components for jewelry making and beading projects that you can imagine. (Next to my favorite peyote-stitch beaded beads, of course!) A wire dangle with a couple of beautiful beads can be used for much more than earrings.

A couple of summers ago, I discovered that using wire dangles as fringe on some of my beaded cabochon pendants gave the pendants a whole new look! I was getting tired of using the same old fringe techniques and I wanted to do something that matched the antique brass chain that I had used. Since the cabochon was goldstone, I decided to use some faceted goldstone beads to make wire wrapped dangles, and then stitched them to the beaded edging on the cabochon. Wire dangles make great fringe!

Here's an easy tutorial for making beaded wire spirals. Make a few and see what uses you can up with for them:

Cut a 3 inch piece of 18 gauge wire. (I used gold colored craft wire for this project.) Using your chain nose pliers, make a tiny bend at the very tip of the wire. Squash the bend flat.
Grasping the flattened bend in your chain nose pliers, gently start to wrap your wire around the bend. Continue to wrap the wire, forming a spiral.
When you're happy with the size and shape of your spiral, use your chain nose pliers to make a 90o angle in the top of the wire.
Add a few accent beads and seed beads and gently make a wrapped loop to secure.

These little dangles make great quick earrings or you can even use them for fringe and other accents on beaded jewelry! (Can you imagine a necklace with a right-angle weave base and hundreds of these tiny little beaded wire spirals hanging from it? I can!)

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Have you found a unique way to use wire work in your beading projects? Share your tips and ideas here on the blog!

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