Uncommon Findings

Whether you're a novice jewelry maker or a more seasoned pro, you're surely familiar with common findings, such as crimp tubes, jump rings, and head pins. Today I'd like to discuss lesser-known findings that you might not use as frequently.

Cones are used to cover the ends of a multistrand piece for a clean finish. Attach each strand of beads to a wrapped loop or eye pin, pass the eye pin through the cone from the inside out, and form a wrapped loop to secure. Photo: ArtBeads.com.
Connectors act as a transition finding from one strand to several strands on a strung piece. Photo: ArtBeads.com.
Use a cord end or end coil to secure the end of leather or other heavy cord so that it can be attached to a clasp or connector. Add a dab of jewelry cement to the end of the cord before sliding it into the cord end. Coils can be attached by gently squeezing with flat-nose pliers until the cord is secure. Photo: ArtBeads.com.
Knot cups help connect threads and lightweight cords to a clasp or connector. Simply tie a strong knot at the end of the thread, add a dab of jewelry cement for extra security, close the knot cup around the knot, trim the tail thread, and bend the looped closure. Photo: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
Separator bars keep the wires of multistrand jewelry separated and tidy. Use them by passing a thread or wire through a hole on the bar, add beads, and then pass through the respective hole on the next bar. Photo: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
Wireguards provide a smooth metal channel to protect stringing material from chafing against a clasp or other connector. To use, string a crimp tube, then pass up through one half of the wireguard and down through the other half. Pass the guard and wire through the loop of the clasp, and then pass the wire back through the crimp tube. Photo: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

The more you bead, the more you'll become comfortable adding these and other findings to your jewelry-making repertoire.

Bead Happy!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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