Two More Self-Care Ideas for a Cozy Fall Day

In our self-care series, we’ve covered four ideas on what to do on a gray fall day to get your creative juices flowing and chase away the blues. Don’t get bored—get creative! Here are two more creative self-care ideas for a cozy fall day spent indoors:

Retail Therapy

It’s always a mood-booster to purchase creative supplies. Visit your local bead shop, or browse around on Interweave’s store to get your paws on some new goodies! Here are a few of my favorite useful and beautiful items:

  • This gorgeous Tucson Treasures Kit has all of Interweave staff’s favorite picks from the Tucson show this year. With goodies from GardanneBeads, Lipstick Ranch, Toho Seed Beads, and TierraCast—it’s overflowing with awesomeness.
  • These tried-and-true 5-star patterns will not leave you blue! Twelve of the most popular patterns from Beadwork magazine are collected here in a convenient collection that’s priced right!

Engage in some retail therapy self-care with these creative products.

Spend Time with Your Friends and Family

One thing that unites the beading community is our love of sharing. I became interested in beading because of my mother’s influence, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has caught the highly-contagious beading bug!

There are over 750 beginner-level patterns you can purchase individually in the Interweave store, so you can get your friends and family just as hooked as you are. Grab a friend or your creative tween or teen and set them up for success with an easy project. Check out these beginner-level bead weaving projects:

Most kids under the age of 10 aren’t super into working with tiny beads, but there are some great options to get the little ones creating with beads. Pop in one of these videos with Candie Cooper and have fun learning and playing with beads:

From snuggling with your pets, to taking advantage of the beautiful fall colors while they lasted, and learning something new—whether from a book or a video, I hope you have discovered a new and exciting project that will lead you down a creative path of self-care. How will you be spending your gray days indoors? Let us know in the comments!

Meredith Steele
Technical Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: Photo: Getty Images

To find more projects and patterns, visit the Interweave Store!

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