Two-Hole Bead: Tango Bead

The official definition of the Tango dance is a Latin-American ballroom dance having many varied steps, figures, and poses. It’s easy to see the connection that Tango beads have with the actual dance: given the direction of the two holes running from the base of the triangle through one of the sides, the beads can be used in many different configurations, forming diamond shapes, squares, larger triangles, offset patterns, and more! Two-Hole Bead: Tango Bead. Tangolicious beaded earrings

Pair them with seed beads, SuperDuos, and many other Czech glass 2-hole beads for beautiful designs, as demonstrated in the Tangolicious earrings (as seen right) and Two to Tango bracelet (above).

Find instructions for the earrings in the August/September 2016 issue of Beadwork magazine, and bracelet instructions in Beadwork’s December/January 2017 issue .

For more geometric patterns, try the Diamond Eyes Bracelet or the Aztec Sunbursts Earrings


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