Two-drop Variations of Favorite Bead-weaving Stitches – Peyote Stitch, Square Stitch, and Herringbone Stitch

Want to bead faster? Try doubling the number of beads strung with each stitch. Known as “two-drop,” this technique treats two beads as one, as in “string 1 bead (now actually string 2 beads) and pass through 1 (now 2) bead(s).” Keep in mind that it can change the structural integrity of the work, possibly creating open spaces.

Learn how to bead two-drop variations of three popular bead-weaving stitches: peyote stitch, square stitch, and herringbone stitch. You'll need size 8 or size 11 seed beads in 3 colors, your favorite beading thread, and your favorite beading needle.

If you're just learning how to bead, these two-drop variations of your favorite beading stitches will help you realize the full potential of how to use bead-weaving to create beautiful handmade beaded jewelry.

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