Turquoise Necklace: St Tropez

While taking my usual train commute into NY City, one of my friends was flipping through a catalogue.  She was eyeing a multi-strand turquoise necklace that she really liked, but could not believe what they were charging for the piece.  I glanced at it and said, yes you're right that is outrageous …. it really shouldn't cost that much.  Her reply "could you make it for me?"

I never make any piece exactly like the picture, which is exactly how I cook.  I usually have 3 or 4 open cookbooks on the counter while I 'doctor-up' my own version of a recipe.  I got to work on the necklace.  Her request was 'please lots of silver' and could you add some suede.  Suede?  hmm, never tried that before, but ok. 

This is the same friend who lost one of her favorite silver hoop earrings and her fiance texted me a picture of the remaining hoop and asked if I could make a new pair.  I did the obligatory trip to the silver store and bought a straight up pair of hoops.  But then I also grabbed some thick gauge silver (15g) and did my own version of hammered silver hoops.  Those were the ones she chose.

This friend said that she wanted the necklace to wear in the summer with her long, simple tank dresses.  Looking specifically for a style she would wear on the beach somewhere in St Tropez (her fantasy get-away).  What resulted was a wild mix of multi-sized turquoise beads, types of silver (including hill tribe silver), hand-hammered silver connectors and knotted suede. She's been wearing this one with her summer dresses, not in St Tropez but regularly on the train to NYC

There is a matching bracelet: see Turquoise Bracelet: St Tropez Set, but caution … don't try wearing the two together! It could result in a carni-inspired, turquoise studded get up.  And yes, there are matching hoops.

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