Turquoise Necklace: Flash in Blue

So if you've been following some of my other uploads, I have a Turkish friend that has put me to work!  There is a series of coral pieces I've done for her.  This one is a bit of a funny story.  She saw a necklace at a kiosk vendor in Grand Central Station – NYC and asked the shop keeper if he had a simplier version.  He suggested that he alter the version she was admiring, and her comment back was 'no thanks I have a friend that will do that for me.'   She described it to me, but well, it was hard to follow.  I asked her to take a picture with her phone and she came back with a blurred flash of blue and asked me 'so can you make it?'  I finally had to hunt down the vendor to see the pattern first hand.  I of course made my own tweaks to the pattern such as the red focal beads (he had one tiny one), a delicate filigree clasp and the silver spacers to give it more texture …

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