Turquoise Earrings: St Tropez Set

This is a continuing series of pieces I've made for a friend who has a seemingly endless love of turquoise and silver.  See Turquoise Necklace: St Tropez, Turquoise Bracelet: St Tropez Set, Hammered Earrings: St Tropez Set.

While taking my usual train commute into NY City, one of my friends was flipping through a catalogue.  She was eyeing a multi-strand turquoise necklace that she really liked, but could not believe what they were charging for the piece.  I glanced at it and said, yes you're right that is outrageous …. it really shouldn't cost that much.  Her reply "could you make it for me?" I did make the necklace, and a matching bracelet… and yes this pair of earrings. Caution … don't try wearing them all together!  Her fiance gave her the entire set for Mother's Day this year, which she promptly put on and modeled for him.  Only to have him suggest "um honey, you might want to try wearing them separately."   

This pair is 15 guage silver wire, hand hammered into hoops.  But hammered after running a few turquoise beads onto the wire.  If you prefer a simplier style, check out Hammered Earrings: St Tropez Set as this set is the 'blingged up' version.  This was made to order per my friends' sketch on a bumpy train ride into the city.

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