Tucson Beading Challenge: Lisa Kan Botanicals Handmade Lampwork Bead

So there we were, me and Jewelry Making Daily's Tammy Jones at The Best Bead Show in Tucson, Arizona. We happened to stop by and see talented bead artist and lampwork artist Lisa Kan. Tammy's eye went to a tray of beautiful little glass flower beads that Lisa calls her Botanical Floral Series. Each one was slightly different, just like a real flower in nature. I was admiring them, too, when we got an idea: what if we each picked out one of these beautiful handmade lampwork glass flower beads and made something with it? No rules, other than it has to be a piece of jewelry. What would we do with it? It sounded like a fun challenge, even more so for me because we chose our beads in a color that I don't usually use.

When we got home, I thought maybe we should have some more fun and invite our readers on Beading Daily and Jewelry Making Daily to play along with us! Are you up for a little jewelry-making challenge to usher in spring? Here's how it will work:

Starting today, February 23, 2012, head on over to Lisa Kan's website and purchase one of her Botanical Floral Series beads. You can either choose the same color that Tammy and I chose (a beautiful deep red), or choose whichever color speaks to you. Then, make a piece of jewelry with it! Anything goes — make a bracelet, a pendant, a necklace, a ring, a brooch or anything else that you can wear as a piece of jewelry. (Hair clips, tiaras, anything! Get creative!) Take a picture of your creation made with the Lisa Kan Botanical Floral bead, and then we'll reveal all of our creations on Saturday, March 17!

You can post a picture of your creation in the Reader Photo Gallery using the tag "LKBOFLO" or blog about it and post the link as a comment on this blog or in the Forums.

Tammy and I think it's going to be great fun to see what everyone does with these little beads! Lisa's Botanical Floral beads are sweet, simple and beautiful and that's why they lend themselves so well to so many different kinds of designs. What will YOU do with one?

Are you up for a little spring challenge? Get your beady thinking caps on and see what you can come up with for these charming little handmade lampwork glass beads!

Bead Happy,


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