Try This Quick and Easy Earring Making Project Using Czech Glass Pearls

This was supposed to be the year that I did more beading projects using the beads I already have, but when I was presented with the opportunity to acquire quite the stash of Czech glass pearls in a dozen colors and sizes ranging from 2mm to 4mm, well, I sort of jumped on it. Most of you know that my big beady weakness is round glass druks, those sweet little pressed glass beads that make their way into so many of my designs, so I looked at this as a way to encourage myself to use up all those other seed beads that I've been buying and hoarding for the last fourteen years.

Well, it didn't quite work that way. After I sorted, bagged, and tagged each mini-hank of glass pearls, I was positively itching to make something with them — anything! And since I hardly ever design earrings, I decided to use up some of those crystal Rivolis I've been collecting and make a couple of pairs of beaded earrings.

Using an easy bead netting technique means that you can make a pair of these earrings in just about an hour, so they're great for a last-minute gift, or just for when you feel like beading but don't have a lot of time. Enjoy!


  • 112 Caramel Czech glass pearls, 2mm (A)
  • 2 Cranberry Czech glass pearls, 2mm (B)
  • 46 Cranberry Czech glass pearls, 3mm (C)
  • 2 Cranberry Czech glass pearls, 4mm (D)
  • 1 gram size 11 Japanese seed beads in color to match or contrast pearls (E)
  • 2 16mm crystal Rivolis, Light Colorado Topaz
  • Ear wires
  • 6 lb. test beading thread


  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter
  • Flat nose or chain nose pliers (optional, but extremely helpful for wiggling your needle through tight spaces)


Base ring: Cut a 5' length of beading thread. Leaving a 6" tail, pick up 1A, 1C. Repeat for a total of 8A and 8C. Tie into a ring using a tight knot — this will help with tension as you stitch the bezel for the rivoli.
Round 1: Exiting from a C, pick up 1E, 1C, 1E. Skip the next A in the ring, and pass through the next C-A-C. Repeat for a total of four corners or points, keeping your thread snug as you stitch. Exit from a C in the base ring.
Round 2: Pick up 3A, skip the next A in the base ring, and pass through the next C-A-C. Repeat for a total of 4 clusters spaced evenly between the corners you created in Round 1. Exit from the middle A of a cluster.

Round 3: Pick up 1E, 1C, 1A, 1C, 1E. Pass through the next middle A of the next cluster, following the direction of your thread. (If your thread is exiting to the left, pass through the middle bead of the cluster to the left. If your thread is exiting to the right, pass through the middle bead of the cluster to the right.)

Before you snug up this round, insert the Rivoli into the center. Pull the thread snugly.

Round 4: To secure the Rivoli, exit from a C from Round 3. Pick up 1E and pass through the next C from Round 3. Repeat three times to add a total of 4E. Pull snugly to secure the Rivoli, repeating the thread path once or twice to strengthen.

First Fringe Loop: Weave around so that your thread exits from a corner C. Pick up 1E, 8A, 1C, 1D, 1C, 8A, 1E and pass up through the C on the opposite corner from the bead you exited. Pull snugly.

Weave your thread through either the top or bottom of the piece to exit the same C that you did at the beginning of this step. Pass through the E that you added at the beginning of this step.

Second Fringe Loop: Pick up 6A, 1B, 1C, and 6A. Pass up through the E you added at the end of the first fringe loop. Weave the thread into the beadwork, knot, and trim close to the beadwork.

Earring Loop: To add the earring loop, weave the tail so that you are exiting the top C from Round 1. Pick up 2A, your earring finding, and 2A. Pass back through the C, 2A, the earring finding, and 2A, and repeat a few times to strengthen and secure. Weave the thread into the beadwork, knot and trim.

Repeat for the second earring.

Best of all, I love the way these colorful Czech glass pearls pair with all my favorite new shaped beads like two-hole seed beads, bricks, spikes, Tilas, pyramids, and daggers. And if you're interested in learning how to combine your favorite seed beads and round beads with these great shaped beads, you won't want to miss Beading With Shaped Beads with Melinda Barta. Melinda takes you through what materials and tools you'll need, demonstrates techniques for maintaining proper tension when stitching with these shaped beads, and even provides information about which beads are interchangeable and which aren't.

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Now it's your turn: are there any beads out there that are must-haves for your beading stash? What are your favorite new beads to use in your beading projects? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your favorite beads, new and old, with us! (Include the sources, too, so we can get some for ourselves!)

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