Try This Free Riveting Bracelet Making Project

Design by Tracy Gonzales (for TierraCast)

Everywhere you look, leather jewelry is a hot trend. At Bead Fest Philadelphia last summer, I saw lots of leather jewelry-making supplies, from the wonderful "licorice" leather for making fun beaded bracelets to fish leather for bead embroidery and mixed media jewelry.

Tracy Gonzales from our friends at Tierra Cast designed this great leather bracelet making project for anyone who wants to learn about using metal rivets and leather. It works up in just a snap!


  • 9-10" 5/8" flat leather, 2-2.5mm thick
  • 1 TierraCast Spiral & Rivets Link
  • 1 TierraCast Line 20 (approx. 13mm) Spiral Snap Cap
  • 1 Line 20 Snap Fastener
  • 4 TierraCast 4mm Cap Compression Rivets
  • 2 TierraCast 10mm Hammertone LH Bead
  • E6000 Adhesive or similar


  • Revolving punch pliers or other tool for making holes in leather
  • Snap setter tool
  • Rivet setter tool
  • Dot/snap anvil
  • Bench block (optional)
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions:

Make a pencil mark in the center of the leather strap about ½" from end. Use revolving punch pliers to make a hole approximately the same size as the snap component posts at the mark. This will be the hole for the button/cap part of the snap.

Keeping this end on top, wrap leather around wrist to determine fit, then mark the leather where the hole for the bottom snap component will be. Punch a second hole at this mark.
Set snaps according to package instructions.

Place the Spiral & Rivets link at the center of bracelet. Place one 10mm Hammertone LH spacer on each side of link. Mark holes with pencil. Punch 2.5mm holes at each mark.

To rivet the components to the leather, set a post component through a hole from the underside of the leather. Place a metal component onto the post on the top side. Place a rivet cap onto post and squeeze the two components gently to engage.

Set post onto block or dot anvil (flat side). Place the concave side of the rivet setter tool over the rivet cap and use a hammer or mallet to set.

Put a small dab of E6000 on the inside of the Spiral snap cap and set it securely over the snap button/cap. Allow to dry. Trim excess leather as desired.

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