Try This Free Earring Making Project Using Shaped Glass Beads

Beki Haley, owner of WhimBeads and one of my favorite seed bead pushers, er, sellers, created these beautiful Wild Rose Earrings using some of the new shaped glass beads from Starman. Beki is one of Starman's 2014 TrendSetters, whipping up fantastic glass bead projects using some of the new shapes and two-hole shapes of glass beads that are flooding bead shops everywhere.

Beki's beaded jewelry designs are the perfect balance of ease, simplicity, and beauty. And if you've got a handful of some of these great new shaped glass beads in your stash, but aren't quite sure what to do with them, this is the perfect project to get you beading with them. Thanks to Beki and our friends at Starman for sharing this great free beaded earring project with us today!


  • 30 Czechmates 2-Hole Lentil beads (A)
  • 1 gm size 11 Toho seed beads (B)
  • 10 Czechmates 2-Hole Triangle beads (C)
  • 1 gm size 8 Toho seed beads (D)
  • Fireline, 6 lb. test
  •  Ear wires


  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Pick up 1A, and 1B. Repeat for a total of 10 beads (5A and 5B). Pass through the first A again, forming a loop. Tie a half-hitch knot, then pass through the next B and A. Jump to the second hole of the A (Lentil) that you are currently exiting.

Step 2: Going clockwise, pick up 1B, 1C, 1B, then pass through the open hole of the next A (Lentil) added in Step 1. Repeat four times.

Pass through the first B (seed bead) and C (triangle) added in this step. Jump to the open hole of C (triangle) that you're currently exiting.

Step 3: Going counter-clockwise, pick up 1B, 1A, 1B, 1A, and 1B. Pass through the open hole of the next C. Repeat 4 times. Pass through the first B, A, B, A added at the beginning of this step.
Step 4: Jump to the open hole of the A that you're currently exiting, and pass through the open hole of the adjacent A (Lentil). Pull snug so the tops of the A touch and form a point. Jump down to the first hole of the A you're currently exiting and continue passing through to the next pair of A. Repeat 4 times. Tie off your thread and bury the tail in the beadwork.
Step 5: Add a new length of thread, and pass through the outer holes of the point of a pair of A (Lentil) beads. Add 3B, 1D, 3B, your ear wire, 3B. Pass through the D from the opposite direction, add 3B, and pass through the A beads and all beads again for strength before tying off your thread.

These sweet little beaded earrings work up quickly enough that you can make a pair tonight to wear tomorrow! They also look like they'd make great bracelet making components, too — link them together using some more of the pressed glass triangle beads or your favorite seed beads. Or maybe make just one and hang it on a piece of satin cord for a sweet pendant!

If you're looking for more great beading projects using shaped glass beads, check out Stitching With Shaped Beads: 10 Beading Projects to Make with Tila Beads, from the editors of Beadwork magazine. And for a limited time, you can get any 5 of your favorite beading pattern eBooks for just ten bucks! Choose from wire wrapping, bead stitching, or jewelry stringing titles. And because they're all instant downloads, you can be reading and beading in just minutes! 

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Resources: All 2-hole glass beads can be purchased through


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