Try This Fast, Free, and Easy Earring Making Project Today

One of the things I love about earring making is that (most) beaded earrings can be made in a day or less. Take these Corona Crystal earrings by Pilar Burg from the 2009 issue of Step By Step Beads — in just a few hours, you can have a set of earrings and a matching pendant, using beads you already have in your stash! Try substituting gemstone rounds or even cubes for the crystal bicones and see what other variations you can create.


  • 40 bicone 4mm crystals
  • .5 gram size 11 or size 15 Japanese seed beads
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
  • Ear wires of your choice


  • #12 beading needle
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
  • Scissors or thread cutter
  • Round nose pliers

Making the Crystal Medallion

Step 1. String a needle onto a 1yard length of Fireline, leaving an 8" tail. String the inside of the medallion as follows for a total of 12 beads: 1 size 11° seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal (Figure 1).
Step 2. Tie the beads into a circle using a surgeon's knot. Pass through the circle to exit bead 3 (Figure 2).
Step 3. String 3 seeds, 1 crystal, 3 seeds, skip the next crystal in the circle and pass through the seed bead 5 (Figure 3).
Step 4. Continue around the circle, repeating the bead pattern in Step 3, passing through the seed beads 7, 9, 11, 1 and exiting bead 3 (Figure 4).
Step 5. Pass through the next 3 seeds and crystal, beads 13-16. String 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed and pass through the next crystal, bead 23 (Figure 5).
Step 6. Continue around the circle, repeating the bead pattern in Step 5, passing through beads 30, 37, 44, 51, and exiting bead (crystal) 16 (Figure 6).

Step 7. Pass back through outer circle of beads created in Steps 5 and 6 to tighten the circle, exiting crystal bead 51. Do not pull too snug or the shape will cup. Knot the working thread to existing thread between beads in several half hitches, but do not cut the thread.

Making the Bail

Step 8. String 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed, 1 crystal, 1 seed and pass back through bead 51 (Figure 7). Reinforce, passing pass back through the beads just added, beads 52-56, and continue through beads 52, 53 and 54.
Step 9. String 6 seeds and pass back through bead 54. Repeat through the loop of beads again including bead 54 to reinforce (Figure 8).

Step 10. For added security, pass through beads added in step 8 (Figure 7).

Step 11. Weave thread into beads and tie off using half-hitch knots. Trim. Thread a needle on the tail and weave that into the beads; trim.

Step 12. Using round-nose pliers, open the loop on an ear wire. Slip the loop of the ear wire through the loop of seeds at the top of the medallion. Close the loop of the ear wire. Repeat Steps 1-12 to make a second earring.

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Did you make any special earrings this summer? Are you ready for some spectacular fall earring making projects?

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