Try Something New With These Great Beaded Jewelry Making Resources

One of the things that always got me excited about going back to school was the idea that I was starting a whole new year of learning and discovery in some of my favorite subjects. As we all go back to school here bright and early tomorrow morning, I started thinking about ways I could try to capture some of that enthusiasm for learning new jewelry making techniques. Are you ready to learn how to use new beading supplies in your jewelry making projects?


A couple of years ago, I found out how much fun it is to make beaded jewelry using leather. In the past, leather was just something that I used to string pendants, make a quick bracelet, or use as backing for my bead embroidery. But new leather beading supplies like licorice leather and fish leather have totally turned my creativity on its head! There are more than 40 leather jewelry making projects in Leather Jewelry: Modern Accessories to Make with Leather that will show you how leather is for more than just hanging a pretty pendant.

Night In the GardenEven though I started my jewelry making career working mostly with mixed media like paper, clay, and wire, I fell for seed beads after stitching my first amulet bag. Throughout my beading journey, however, I always seem to come back to using things like fabrics and fibers in my beaded jewelry designs. I’ve taken great classes on knotting with fibers, beaded kumihimo, and precious metal clay (PMC). And with all the fabulous inspiration for including found objects in my beadwork from artists like Heidi Kummli and Diane Hyde, I always find something interesting to try in Creative Jewelry. Why not download 7 issues of this great special issue magazine at once and get your creativity flowing again?

2007 was a pretty epic year for me. I had one of my early beaded jewelry designs featured on the cover of Beadwork magazine, I quit my day job to pursue my dream of being a self-employed bead artist, and my husband and I started our family. And somewhere in between, I managed to lose a few issues of Beadwork magazine between attending craft shows and doctor appointments. But, hey, that’s why I’m happy to have the 2007 Beadwork Magazine Collection available as an instant download! All 6 issues of Beadwork magazine from what was a very good year with a searchable index, stored safely on my laptop.

And don’t forget some of my other favorite special issue beading magazines like Favorite Bead Stitches 2015 and Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014. You’ll find plenty of beading projects and patterns to inspire you and get you using all those shaped glass beads you’ve been hoarding in your stash. (I’ll be the first to admit it: I get totally swept up in the shaped glass bead craze, I’ll buy dozens of different shapes and colors of these new beads, and then I have no idea what to do with them!)

Best of all, these great beading resources are all 50% off for a limited time in the Beading Daily Shop. Take a look and see all the great deals available during our Labor Of Love sale this weekend, and find something new to inspire you to get back to beading this autumn.

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