Try Something New With These 5 Great Herringbone Stitch Projects

When I first learned how to do herringbone stitch, the only way I could understand the thread path was to make herringbone tubes and ropes. So, that's what I did. And I made lots of herringbone ropes. Lots and lots and lots…until they eventually became my Iridescent Braids beading project. 

While I love making herringbone stitch ropes when I need to bead (but don't know what I want to make), they're really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this versatile bead-weaving stitch. Herringbone stitch can be modified and varied to create dozens of shapes and textures for beaded jewelry projects! Check out these five herringbone stitch projects that show off what this popular African beading stitch can do in the right hands.

One of the first herringbone stitch projects that got me interested in mastering this stitch was Tina Koyama's Temaki Pendant. Never mind that it's named after a yummy kind of sushi, it's a brilliant study of shape and texture made with herringbone stitch. Experiment with different shapes and sizes of seed beads in this beading project to learn more about tension and texture.
Hatsui Oshitani's Sea of Grass necklace uses a modified herringbone stitch along with St. Petersburg stitch to create this delicate lariat-like beaded necklace. I love the way it uses glass druks, daggers, and bugle beads to create this modern-looking design!
Another favorite from designer Tina Koyama is the Beautiful Bargello bracelet, which uses an innovative herringbone stitch thread path and bugle beads to create a wonderful zig-zag pattern. This clever thread path modification will have you thinking about more ways in which you can manipulate herringbone stitch to create lines and texture.
Two-hole seed beads are perfect for experimenting with in herringbone stitch, and Teresa Sullivan's Lasso Loops bangle bracelet is a fun way to use them with herringbone stitch. Super strong and flexible, these beaded bracelets are the perfect thing to toss on your arm when you want a little colorful wrist candy.
Last but not least is Csilla Csirmaz's Eye On the Prize herringbone stitch bracelet. Another beautiful and creative version of your basic herringbone ropes, but this time all dressed up with pearls and crystals for a delightfully decadent beaded bracelet.

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Do you have a favorite way to use herringbone stitch? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your ideas with us!

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