Trendy Metal Jewelry: Made Easy

I have a love at first sight kind of relationship with metal jewelry, but when it comes to making my own, I’m too scared to make a move. While I’ve been intimidated to try my hand at this style of jewelry making for quite some time, I recently found the resource that has changed the way I look at metal jewelry making for good. Easy Metal Jewelry 2015 features many projects that do not require torches or saws and that make it easy for a beginner like myself to approach the art. The below projects are a sneak peak from the issue and are at the top of my must-make list; you’ll be shocked to know that not a single one of them requires a torch, along with many of the other projects in the issue!


These earrings by Aisha Formanski were simply created using stamps
to imprint and embellish sheet metal. Get the Feathers Earrings Kit
to receive all the materials needed in one easy bundle!


You’d never guess how easy it is to make this ring design by
Sandra Lupo. She simply tension-mounted a double link rivoli setting
between rolled ends of a metal strip! The coolest part? Make your ring
interchangeable so you can switch out the rivoli, or pinch the rolled
ends closed for a permanent design. Get the Finger Bling Kit for all
materials bundled in one.


Abbi Berta’s Speak to Me rings are as easy as can be! Stamp words
of encouragement on flat wire and secure the ring using a hole
punch and small metal tube. No torches required!


Barbara Briggs combines polymer clay and metal to make her Oceans and Rivers Bangles. She teaches you to create beads using polymer clay that resemble beach stones and glass and slides them right on a hammer-textured bronze wire bangle along with easy wire-worked beads.

~Megan lenhausen, Assistant Editor

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