Trend: DIY Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets are one of my favorite trends in jewelry making. They mimic the look of stacking bracelets, so they can’t help but add a stylish touch to any outfit. And, whether you make macramé, beadwork, or leather wrap bracelets, they always have an artistic appearance.

wrap bracelets

Ocean Mist Necklace & Hoop Earrings from DIY Wrap Bracelets by Keiko Sakamoto

DIY Wrap Bracelets

Macramé was one of the first jewelry making techniques I learned and it’s still one of my go-to techniques after all these years. I love the meditative quality of knotting and the finished jewelry has a very textural feel. Keiko Sakamoto’s book, DIY Wrap Bracelets is packed with 28 trendy wrap bracelets so you can learn how to create bracelets in a variety of styles. DIY Wrap Bracelets is also available as an e-book.

wrap bracelets

Groovy Trax Wrap Bracelet by Kathy Cook

Groovy Trax Wrap Bracelet

I love the mosaic effect of the Groovy Trax Wrap Bracelet pattern download by Kathy Cook. You’ll use a combination of right-angle weave and peyote stitch to make the bracelet in beautiful, on-trend colors. Two-hole beads provide a fresh take on the wrap bracelet trend – they really do look like little tiles that you’re weaving together. This a great project for beginners or more advanced beaders who want to make something quick and easy.

wrap bracelets

That’s a Wrap Bracelet by Jann Christiansen

That’s a Wrap Bracelet

That’s a Wrap Bracelet by Jann Christiansen uses right angle weave and netting to create a lovely, lacy look. The trio of seed beads, crystal rondelles and Japanese teardrops is a beautiful combination and an easy one to translate into your favorite colors. One of the fun things about wrap bracelets is changing the colors so each wrap looks like a different bracelet. This bracelet is an especially good one for that color changing technique.

wrap bracelets

Leather Wrap Bracelet by Marlene Quigley

Leather Wrap Bracelet

I like combining wire and other metal components with leather, so this Leather Wrap Bracelet by Marlene Quigley on the cover of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry caught my eye. There are so many different styles of leather that it would be simple to customize your bracelet. Plus, it would be easy to wire-wrap seed beads onto the wire element if you want a more beaded look.

Playing around with color is one of my favorite parts of beading. If you want to experiment with color, there’s a lot of great advice on how to use a color wheel for your beading projects. Check it out for tips about using a color wheel to plan your next project.

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