Treat Yourself to a Bead Retreat

Making a getaway–
Your sister doesn’t know what a jump ring is. Your mom thinks you’ll ruin your eyes sewing such tiny beads. And your neighbors whisper about you, wondering why your kitchen light burns into the wee hours. "What does she DO in there all night? "

Tired of explaining your passion for making jewelry to people who don’t get it? Get away from it all! Rejuvenate yourself with a retreat. Here's what makes a retreat a delightfully different, jewelry-making experience:

Immerse yourself in learning
Learning is a much richer experience when you have uninterrupted blocks of time over a few days. At a retreat you can focus on a specific technique taught by someone known for their innovations in that area. At retreats teachers create a more inclusive environment for every student, and having students dedicated to improving their craft tends to bring out the best in a teacher.

Find sanctuary with peers
Spend time with people as passionate as you are and have lessons to share. You’ll benefit from their sources and experiences as much as you will from your teachers’ expertise. These are people who know why you like doing what you do. And though students come from all skill levels, you never know what you can learn from someone, beginner or master.


Renew your mind, body, and spirit
It’s hard to carve out time for yourself. Even sitting down for a couple hours on a Sunday or taking a lively class at your LBS is not the same as going on a retreat. Retreat means “to pull back.” A jewelry retreat pulls you back from all the interruptions of everyday life, so you feel focused and refreshed, in a relaxed state of being and doing.

Unwind in luxury
Retreats are usually held at resort locations with upscale amenities. Imagine chatting about wire gauges at breakfast, favorite stitches at lunch, and funny bead show stories at dinner! Picture yourself enjoying a glass of wine with new friends on a deck overlooking the Pacific, inventing new ways to finish bracelets with end cones. Consider what inspiration may float from your brain after a good massage.

Renew your wire skills with this week's free project!
Whimsical Whisks are fun and easy earrings designed by Denise Peck, editor in chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. These hammered wire spirals can symbolize the way a retreat would empower you to stop the dizzying spiral of your day-to-day life and regain balance. Plus most of you know that hammering is such a cathartic release.

Get away with us  . . .
at the Laguna Cliffs Resort in California for a Weekend with the Wire Masters, October 28–31. Give yourself the gift of a retreat with renowned wire teachers and fellow enthusiasts at this fabulous luxury hotel overlooking the Pacific. You deserve it!

Special PS: Congratulations to the Bead Star Early Bird winner! Jeannie Dukic was chosen in a random drawing from among the early entries, and won $100!  We wish her luck with her official contest design entry in the glass category. There's still time for you to enter Bead Star–see complete details here! Deadline is April 30th, 2010.

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