Travel with Artist of the Month Marcia DeCoster

Marcia DeCoster

I have a terrible memory. Even before I had kids and “mom brain” kicked in, I truly can’t remember much unless I have photographs to jog my memory. Lately, I’ve been surprised by what works even better than photos for recalling places and times–beading projects. For example, every time I see my Antique Connections Cuff, I recall working on that project in the car while my husband drove us through the mountains to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. I have another bracelet that always reminds me of the campsite we stayed at while I finished beading it.

Marcia DeCoster

I haven’t asked her, but I bet Marcia DeCoster also often recalls projects based on where she worked on them since she’s always traveling with beads.

See how her crystal-decorated Airstream (embellished by Crystal Ninja Kellie Defries) provides the perfect place and time for her to focus on her most creative work. My favorite part of the video is when Marcia says that it helps her to be limited by the small number of materials that she packs for each trip, and to not have her entire studio at her disposal. I couldn’t agree more, this is actually one of my favorite things about beading on the road. (See how to build my Portable Bead Studio in this video.)

Marcia DeCoster

Though we can’t hitch a ride in Marcia’s Airstream, we can join her beading adventures in her all-inclusive Artist of the Month Master Right-Angle Weave Collection, featuring 10 of her best individual project patterns from Beadwork magazine, her must-have Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals DVD, and a bead kit with everything you need to make these pretty Crystal and Pearl Earrings.

Marcia DeCoster

Plus, don’t miss the 4 video workshops Marcia filmed in the Interweave studios during her latest journey to Colorado. These cubic right-angle videos expand on the skills covered in the DVD mentioned above and one even reveals the mystery behind the hottest new buzz word in the beading world: PRAW (Prismatic Right-Angle Weave).

Happy travels no matter where your beads take you this spring!

Editor, Beadwork magazine

Here’s one last look at Marcia’s awesome Airstream!

Marcia DeCoster

Marcia shares so much in all she does – check out some of the fan favorites in our store!


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