Transform an Ordinary Wire Bracelet into a Pretty Pendant

Transform an Ordinary Wire Bangle with a Pretty Pendant

Have you ever used one of those wire bangle bracelets with loops around the edges?  They're usually silver and come in several diameters with 16 rings or loops. Typically, people will attach beads or charms to the rings using wrapped loops.  I did this myself with my Gypsy Magic project for Creative Jewelry last year.  While I liked my finished bracelet, I felt that the bangle form was rather limiting.  Other than attaching wrapped loops or wrapping wire around the bangle form, there really wasn't much else you could do with it, right?  

That's what I thought before I saw this week's free project from Step by Step Wire Jewelry.  Designer Minnie Bhupathi did something I would never have thought about doing in a million years:

She cut the bangle in half.

I know, I could hardly believe it myself.  By making that relatively simple change, she opened up a whole new world of design possibilities, including the elegant pendant that's this week's free project.  Minnie's creativity is a terrific reminder that just because something is sold for a certain purpose–like a bracelet–does not mean that you need to use it that way.  Even if you decide not to try this week's free project, challenge yourself to use something from your stash or your local bead shop in an unusual way.  You just might surprise yourself!   

New Free Project

Garnets Galore
by  Minnie Bhupathi

Create this eye-catching wire pendant with basic tools and skills. Easy to customize, you can use a variety of beads and gemstones to achieve your own individual look.  This project from Step by Step Wire Jewelry will be free for a limited time.

Michelle Recommends

I loved the feature on hammers in the new Summer Preview issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry.  I wish I had read it before I bought my first hammer, which I'll admit I bought because it was tiny and cute and not because it was comfortable in my hand or worked well.  Of the projects, I really liked the Jump Ring Bezel by Vicky T. Hunt because I'm always looking for new ways to create bezels for cabochons.  I also really liked the Love Knot Ring by Glenda Paunonen (pictured here), especially after I saw the step-by-step photo instructions and materials list and realized that it wasn't as complicated as it looks and I already had all the materials and tools in my stash.   There's nothing better than realizing you can start a new project right away!

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