Total Bead Overload

Blogger Christina of San Francisco described Bead Expo as "total bead overload " and I'd have to agree. Sandi and I knew it was time to go home on Monday when we were both were coming up with so many new beading designs that we could no longer sleep at night! We loved meeting all the folks who came by our booth and seeing the 9/11 Bead Quilt and Beadwork's Beaded Bag Winners .

The 9/11 Bead Quilt
Beadwork's Beaded Bag winners on display at Bead Expo.







Anyone who has met us can testify that Sandi and I are very different in almost every way possible. So imagine our surprise when we both took separate shopping expeditions at Bead Expo and came back with these:

Michelle's frog

My glass frog (left) is from Jellyfish Joy. The body of the frog contains glitter and the long glass tube glows in the dark!


Sandi's frog

Sandi's seed bead frog is from Tropic Options and was created by Lucia, a Mayan Indian woman from the pueblo of Chichicastenango.

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