Top 5 Tips for Excelling at Selling Handmade Jewelry on Etsy

An interview with handmade jewelry designer Lorelei Eurto

Q: How long have you been selling handmade designs on Etsy?

A: I have been an Esty member since January 2007, but didn’t sell anything until that June. It took several months to get it going.

Top 5 Tips for Excelling at Selling Handmade on Etsy

Q: What made you decide to sell on Etsy?

A: When I finally decided that I needed to somehow make money back from all that I was spending on beads and supplies to create jewelry. I just Googled “selling handmade jewelry,” and Etsy was one of the first sites listed. That very day I created an account. Etsy is a very attractive website. It does a great job of showcasing artists, and I was so impressed with the quality of photos in the listings.

Q: Was opening a store on Etsy easy?

A: It was easy to list items, but it took some learning to figure out how to make a banner, display an avatar, and create a nice readable profile and shop announcement. For some really great tips for opening up an Etsy shop, visit the Seller Handbook on Etsy. It’s cool that Etsy features so many talented people — it makes it easy to model your shop after other successful stores.

Q: What does being successful on Etsy mean to you?

A: It means maintaining a good reputation, a pleasant buyer experience, and consistency in sales. I think it would probably mean something different for a seller who is doing Etsy full-time. I work a full-time job already, so the little time I have to work on my Etsy shop has to count!

Top 5 Tips for Excelling at Selling Handmade on EtsyLorelei’s Top 5 Tips for Excelling on Etsy

1. Provide good photographs. Taking clear and close shots that really show off a piece of jewelry is the first step to pulling a shopper into your store.

2. Create an attractive, cohesive store. Make sure you have a professional banner, a matching avatar, a well-worded introduction, and clear-cut shop policies so that there are no questions about how you run your business. Always keep your shop new and fresh by doing things such as changing your banner, featuring sales, and offering discounts or coupon codes.

Keep It Fresh

3. List new items regularly. I’m not talking once a month here. I’m talking at least every other day. If you don’t have something new to list, renew an item in your shop. This allows your renewed listing to show up as a “newly listed item,” thus at the top of any Etsy search. If you only list once a month, your shop tends to get buried under a bazillion other shops who list every day.

Communication is Key

4. Provide fast, reliable service. I always send a “convo” or message to the buyer, letting them know that I got the order and will be shipping the item soon. And I make it a point to ship within forty-eight hours of a purchase. I also always make sure to package purchases so that they arrive safely at the buyer’s home. I pack my jewelry in Kraft jewelry boxes decorated with Washi tape and stickers, then place the boxes in bubble mailers. Make sure you compensate yourself for these shipping supplies when deciding how much to charge for shipping.

Top 5 Tips for Excelling at Selling Handmade on Etsy

5. Be personable. As a frequent Etsy shopper, I can tell you there is nothing more discouraging than never getting word from the seller that my order was received or shipped or not hearing back from a seller within a reasonable amount of time after I’ve sent in a query. The beauty of Etsy is that you have access to the people you’re buying from or selling to. Forming relationships is what Etsy is supposed to be about. You want your customers to come back again because they loved their purchase, and they like you!

All photos courtesy of Lorelei Eurto.

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