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It's always fun to look back on the past year, and see what was shaking!  Beading Daily is no exception! I've gathered Beading Daily posts with the most comments and most popular (views) from 2010. It's been interesting learning about all you beady peeps. You sure do love those seed beads! You've been exploring other mediums as well, such as wire, resin, and metals. You bead at all times and places. You bead all over the world: women as well as men and kids (I'm still gathering info on dogs or cats. If you have a pet that actually beads, not just EATS the beads, please let me know). You're all so generous with your helpful tips and comments. I'm just not sure there's a friendlier creative global community out there!



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Top Tools for Working with Wire

Making Beaded Bracelets
Top 5 Favorite Stitches 8 Easy Steps for Making Resin Jewelry


Beading Daily is about all things beady including projects, news, the latest materials, and trends. I invite you to take a few precious moments out of your busy day, grab a cup of java (my fave is Kona), turn on some delightful music, and read your beading daily! Tapping into your passion and creativity keeps you healthy and happy. A beady something-something a day keeps the doctor away (hopefully, and if not, you can at least bead in bed while recovering). So, bead-cha-cha your way to the online store for the Top 20 Best-Selling Jewelry Projects of 2010.


Join me in welcoming 2011 with my new beady motto:

The best is yet to bead!


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