Too Many Beads: Using Social Media to Sell Your Jewelry

Twitter, FB, hash tags, retweets, LinkedIn . . . "What language are you speaking, Kristal?" Why social media, of course. If you have no idea what those words mean, it's time to crank up the knob to channel TODAY gang! From the movie, Social Network, which recently won three Academy Awards, to Tweet Deck on your iPhone, social media isn't going away. Resistance is futile, embrace change, blah, blah, blah. I want you all to have fun with it! Sell your jewelry online, show grandma pictures of the new baby blanket you crocheted last weekend, or just hang out with like-minded jewelry folks (birds of a feather, you know).

Lorelei Eurto, Heather Powers, and Heather Thornton, jewelry artists and social-media experts, had a few tips and suggestions to share with you from Best of Creative Jewelry.

Lorelei says in order to navigate the world of social media, you need to know a few basic terms. Social-networking sites: These are sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and My Space, which individuals can join to share their passion with their readers about subjects of mutual interest. Readers can also interact with the blog posts, leaving their comments as part of the blogging community. Video and photo sites: These are sites such as YouTube and Flickr, where you can share videos and photos. When asked, "What attracts customers to your Etsy shop?" Lorelei has the ultimate answer: "Good clear photographs!" This is probably the most important step you can take if you want to sell your jewelry online. You can make the most fantastic jewelry on the planet, but if customers can't see a striking, clear image, you'll never sell it.

Polymer artist Heather Powers says her blog is the most valuable tool for generating sales. "Hands down, it's my blog. When I share a story about a piece, those works tend to sell the fastest. People connect to stories. Even though it's computers and online, it's still the human connection that we crave and what customers are looking for when they find you online."

Heather (aka Patina Queen) says finding your niche is very important. "What could I bring to Etsy that was not already offered?" At that time, she was incorporating a lot of verdigris patinas into her designs and noticed that there was little of that technique on Etsy. Through her research, she discovered that very few findings sold on Etsy were produced in the United States. She knew this would be important for her shop because U.S. manufacturers provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each product, which tells you exactly what the findings are made of.

Even Bling loves Social Media!

Find out many more valuable tips and ideas from these media mavens from Best of Creative Jewelry and get ready to easily enter into social media and all the fun it offers, especially if you want to pay for your beading addiction-I mean passion!

The best is yet to bead!


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