Tips from a 30-Day Bead Challenge Veteran

Are you ready for the annual 30-Day Bead Challenge?  Each day in March, Fusion Beads celebrates National Craft Month by offering a series of creative prompts.  The challenge begins with "Make a cute pair of earrings"  on March 1 and ends with "Go glam and make a stunning piece of jewelry for your next night out" on March 30.  (March 31 is left open to celebrate however you see fit.)

While most days require the use of specific materials, colors, project types, or techniques, you'll still have plenty of room to be creative.  The earrings for the first day of the challenge, for example, can be any style of earring made with any type of beads in any color using any technique. Not every day's  challenge is a project.  You'll also get to clean up your beading table, teach a friend, throw a party, and use Pinterest.  These other activities will give you time to recharge your creative batteries.

Tips from a 30-Day Bead Challenge Veteran

Does this daily challenge sound overwhelming?  I thought so, too, before I talked to Debbie Bruce. She completed the 2013 challenge, blogging about it every day on her It's a Bead-iful World blog.  Here's her advice:

  • "As far as advice goes, my first thought is to be prepared.  You don't know what direction you're going to go in for a particular project, so just be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand.  You don't want to be in the middle of a project and run out of something crucial to finish it."
  • "Secondly, if you miss a day, there's no 'craft police' around to punish you.  Don't beat yourself up over it, just move on to the next day.  Life happens!"
  • "And finally, just have fun with it.  Don't stress out trying to make something 'over the top.'  Just make something! Do something creative every single day, even if it's repeating a technique you already know well."

Debbie told me that she hopes to be able to participate again this year.  I hope some of you will consider it, too. Check out the calendar for this year's challenge and get ready.  March is just around the corner!

About the Photo:  I'm looking forward to March 15 ("Create a piece with your favorite seed bead mix.")  I buy so many seed bead mixes whenever I go to bead shows.  I can't seem to stop!  This is just a sample of what's in my personal bead stash.  ~Michelle Mach, Contributing Editor, Beadwork

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