Tips for Successful Seed Beadingand a Free Project!

So you want to seed bead?

Welcome to my world! Above all other mediums, seed beads have been my biggest passion. I began beading with seed beads, and though along the way I fell in love with many other mediums and types of beadwork, nothing compares to the pleasure I derive from stitching with seed beads. You'll catch the same wave of delight when you look at Getting Started With Seed Beads, because Dustin Wedkind's collection of projects are as enticing as seed beading can get. As you enjoy page after page of instruction and inspiration, especially as newcomers to this realm, here are a few words to help you succeed:

Comet Tail Earrings 1: Start with a small project
These are small beads. The end results take time to achieve. So, start small. Start doable. Make a couple beaded beads or a pair of earrings.
Beaders with Glasses 2: See it to succeed
I repeat, these are small beads. Buy a couple pair of fun magnifying glasses. From dollar store to boutique, they are just the most quirky, stylish glasses out there. Whether you are a junior or a senior, do your eyes a favor. It’s not a stigma, it’s a fashion statement.
Thread Needle

3: Learn to thread a needle
Are you dreading threading? You’re not alone. My tip: with the length in your nondominant hand, pull the thread so only the teensiest part shows between your thumb and forefinger, then bring the eye to the thread. If needed, flatten the tip of the thread first between your fingernails.

Snappy Band Cuff

4. Enjoy the process
Ask any beadweaver why they enjoy seed beading and they’ll use words like “zen” or “meditative” or “relaxing.” Repeititon, such as in this “Snappy Band” cuff can really help you to improve your technique. Bead stitching is about the journey as much as the destination.

Brick Stitch Strand 5: Use your favorite colors
I do not believe in “trying” colors that don’t appeal to me. Many believe this restricts creative potential. That may have merit, but not for me. If you’re a beginner, stick to what you love looking at. The time you spend is too valuable to make something you won’t wear.
Beaded Cylinder 6: Start from the beginning
Limit your colors and choose a project that is minimal, one in which you can develop the nuances of a technique—ONE technique. Many first-time beaders start with peyote stitch.
Which stitch will get you started?
Aha, good question. I suggest some popular basics to beginners for their versatility: peyote and brick stitch. That’s where our book Getting Started with Seed Beads will help. You can see which stitches appeal to you not only in the finished look and bead fabric they create, but in the type of diagram you need to follow to learn the stitch. Start with something that makes your fingers itch to bead something!


Here's your FREE seed-bead project!

These beaded tubes combines two variations of flat peyote stitch: two-drop, which means two beads per stitch, and odd-count, which means an odd number of stitches per row and requires a specific turn at the end of every other row. Using three colors of beads helps you see how the rows fit together.

Peyote Stitch

What stitch did you start with in seed beading? Do you have advice for newbies to this glorious obsession? Share them here on Beading Daily!

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