Tips for Designing Collar Necklaces?

One of the themed sections in our Fall '13 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine is going to be Collar and Bib Necklaces:

This structure-driven design trend has been one of the smash hits of jewelry fashion as of late, and I am itching to try my hand at making one. I'm a little intimidated, however, but the heightened level of planning and engineering that is required to make a piece with panels. While different designers have interpreted this style in a variety of ways (some hang long dangles from a chain necklace to create a curtain effect, while others wire beads together to create a more fixed shape), the measurements and calculations that come into play must be very specific and very accurate in order to achieve a successful design. 

We curated a Pinterest collection of inspiring designs to help guide our contributors as they created pieces to submit, and I have been perusing it for design ideas, but still feel a little bit like I am jumping into the deep end with this project..

Have any of you experimented with collar/bib necklaces? Any helpful tips or tricks to pass on?

Happy weekend!


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