Tips for Accessorizing Your Party Attire

Soon enough the holiday parties will be in full swing. For inspiration, I've paired a collection of party dresses with select projects from the winter issue of Jewelry Stringing, which is due to hit newsstands on December 11th. You still have time to put together an eye-catching piece to wear with your favorite holiday outfit!


This Lace Menagerie Dress from Anthropologie. . .



. . . would pair nicely with Tinsel, by Leslie Salisbury



This Sequined Party Dress by Saks Fifth Avenue. . .



. . . would look stunning with 1837, by Leslie Salisbury



This Champagne Indie Party Dress from Ruche. . .



. . . would look beautiful with Galactic Glow, by Glorianne Ljubich



How about pairing this Pleated Tulle Dress by Anthropologie. . .



. . . with Lunar Phases, by Anne Perry



And this Brocade Fit & Flare Dress from Nordstrom. . . 



. . . would be a perfect match with Salome, by Arlene Kauffman


When choosing what necklace to wear with your holiday dress, keep in mind the neckline in relation to the length of the necklace. Here I've also given consideration to how the color of the jewelry looks next to the dress. Although not always the case, my general rule of thumb is to wear warm-colored clothing with jewelry made using warm colors (for example, browns, yellows, oranges, reds, and gold). Similarly, I feel cool-colored jewelry and clothing look best together (blues, greens, violets, and silver).

Whether your party look is bold or demure, have fun pairing your dress with a little holiday sparkle!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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