Tigereye Pendant Statement Necklace

A beautiful petal carved Tigereye pendant, with a 1 ¾ in diameter sways from a Tigereye and silver necklace. Golden brown Tigereye has a gorgeous, natural iridescence, sheen and sparkle. 

The carved silver beads and small round ones accent the beauty of the natural gemstone. The necklace is approximately 23 ½ long.

This is a substantial, statement piece of jewelry. Many of our designs are influenced by the Bones television show. It is real world, real life jewelry, the strong, individual, independent, professional and talented women who wear it. Our jewelry is design reflects that same philosophy.

Metaphysically, Tigereye is clear thinking, courage, confidence, good fortune, prosperity and protection during travel.

FREE GIFT WRAP. Each piece of jewelry is wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed in an organza bag.

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