Throwback Thursday: High School Jewelry Box

“What’s in your jewelry box from your high school days?” It’s a fun question and a real trip to take a peek inside to see what you might find. I’m happy to share the above picture of a few things I’ve held onto and kept nearby.

High School Jewelry Box

Mickey Mouse watch, circa 1970s.

Mickey Mouse watch.

This watch is from long before high school and hasn’t worked for a really, really long time. It still lives in a jewelry box on my dresser though, so I thought I’d share it. Will I ever get it fixed? Will I ever change the band? Not sure! Will I always have it nearby? Yes, for sure. It’s a piece that could be on trend no matter the season!

High School Jewelry Box

Best friend pendant shared with a high school friend.

Best-friend pendant.

This pendant is from the days when the concept of sharing a piece of jewelry with your best friend was actually new! It is for sure, from high school. Thanks to Facebook, I’m in touch with a lot of people from high school, and thankfully, I am connected to the person who held the other half. It was nice to find this and it was nice to remember the fun she and I had together in high school. Those really were the days. Does she still have the other half? I don’t know. But I’ll ask!

High School Jewelry Box

Gold dolphin earrings

Dolphin earrings.

I’m not sure if this design was “new” when I bought these but these were a hot trend and something I worked hard to save for. I haven’t worn them since college, I don’t think, but I hold them close just in case I’m moved to don them again.

High School Jewelry Box

Topaz earrings, a gift from Great Aunt Helen

Topaz earrings.

These earrings were a gift from my Aunt Helen. My hero. My champion! Aunt Helen was the only one who could convince my Dad to allow me to get my ears pierced! Not only that; she paid for the trip to the jewelry store, for my first pair of studs, then the topaz earrings followed later as a gift from her jewelry box (we shared the same birthstone).

When asked, “What’s in your jewelry box from high school?” I envisioned a different treasure trove from what I found. This leads me to believe that somewhere, there is a box with more treasures! I see myself finding a box filled with old notes passed in class, softball trophies, and jewelry with angles, bright colors, metal flashes, and possibly asymmetric in design. Stay tuned!

So, now it’s my turn. What’s in your jewelry box from high school? Please, share what you find in the comments below.

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