Throwback Thursday: 1990s Jewelry

In the 1990s, teenaged-me couldn’t wait to get the next Delia*s catalog in the mail. I took my allowance to Best Buy every month to buy the latest Nine Inch Nails, Tool, or Daft Punk CD. MTV actually played music videos. This Throwback Thursday, let’s talk about the jewelry of the 90s, dudes and dudettes.

They say fashion trends come around again. I’ve seen that come true about many of the things I remember being in my closet and jewelry box in the 1990s. Recently, while perusing the juniors’ section of a department store, my sister and I remarked at how we had all of these clothes when we were teenagers. “1997 called, they want their grungy plaid flannel shirts over plain white crop tops back!”

For some reason, in the 90s, we were all obsessed with “hippie stuff.” My jewelry box was filled with smiley faces, peace symbols, aliens, and yin yangs. Hemp jewelry was the coolest. I drew Volkswagen logos on all of my school folders. Why?!


Me circa 1995, sporting some pretty sweet John Lennon sunglasses. Anything hippie was right up my alley in the mid-90s. Other photos: Getty Images.

One of the first pieces of 90s jewelry that I noticed made its comeback was the stretchy braided plastic “tattoo” choker (affiliate link). Mine would always end up stretched out and discarded in a drawer where they would be kinked and knotted up with a bunch of hair ties. I’m positive I attached a zodiac charm to a choker with a jump ring at some point in time.


Choker necklaces of all styles were totally hip in the 1990s. Photos: Getty Images.

Rings. I couldn’t get enough rings. I had a ring for every finger. Some for my toes. I loved mood rings—when they came out with mood beads (affiliate link), my inner teenager squealed with delight. I also loved my Claddagh ring and wore it every day until I was well into my 20s. It had special symbolism because my mom, sister, and best friend all wore the same one. Also, I wanted nothing more in life than to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy wore a Claddagh ring.).


Mood rings, Claddagh rings, any kind of rings! I wanted them all! Photos: Getty Images.

This was a really fun trip down memory lane—an exercise I encourage everybody to try! Just seeing these pieces of jewelry brought back some memories of a simpler time when I had far, far fewer worries. Are you a y2k kid, a product of the 90s, was your heyday the 1980s? Share your nostalgic adornments from any decade with us in the comments below!

Meredith Steele
Technical Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: Photos: Getty Images

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