Three Great Beading Tools for Learning How to Bead

There are certain tools that no beader should be without when you're learning how to bead. Things like a good set of jewelry making pliers, a good pair of wire cutters, a beading awl, a sturdy bead board or work surface, and a good tape measure or ruler are all useful when you're learning how to bead. But there are three more tools that I recommend beginning beaders invest in when they are learning how to bead.

Color Wheel Without a doubt, the beading tool that I used the most when I was learning how to bead was my color wheel. If I was trying to figure out if two different beads worked well together color-wise, my color wheel was indispensable. The color wheel that I prefer to use is small enough that I can tuck it into my handbag when I'm shopping for beads so that I can compare colors and create color palettes for beading projects on the spot!

If you don't know how to use a color wheel, you can check out the little tutorial I wrote about how to use your color wheel to get started. Even if you don't know anything about color theory, you can still learn how to use a color wheel for your beading projects.

Sketchbook As you progress and learn more new beading skills, you'll find new ideas popping into your head, and you'll definitely want a place to write them all down until you can work on them. Over the years, I've gone through many sketchbooks, and I always make sure that I've got a small notebook and portable set of colored pencils tucked into my bag.

You can also use your sketchbook to store photographs, samples of fabric, or fibers that inspire you.

Task Lamp If there is one piece of beading equipment that I think everyone should invest in, it's a good task lamp. I've had a table top Ott-Lite for over ten years now, and I take it with me when I travel to bead shows and beading classes around the country. Having good lighting available, especially when you're learning how to bead, means that you'll enjoy the time you spend beading and you won't be as likely to develop eye strain or headaches.

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What beading tool would you most recommend to someone who is just learning how to bead? Leave a comment with your recommendations here on the Beading Daily blog!

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