Three Easy Ways to Take Steampunk Jewelry and Make It Your Own!

The key to making successful steampunk jewelry, it seems, is all in the material that you choose. You can really use any kind of jewelry-making technique to create gorgeous steampunk jewelry, if you know what kinds of beads and components work best to evoke that romantic-industrial feeling that so many jewelry-makers and jewelry wearers love.

Start Small With Steampunk

The most obvious choice for great steampunk jewelry-making components are things like watch cogs, gears, antique keys, and chain. Pick materials with an antique finish in metals like brass and pewter to further enhance the steampunk flavor of your jewelry-making projects.

Look for these items on eBay or Etsy, or check your local thrift shops and flea markets for unique steampunk finds!

Make Steampunk Sparkle

Once you're comfortable using those materials, try including things like vintage crystal stones and cabochons, or even just a couple of contemporary crystal beads in your steampunk jewelry-making projects. Just a little bit of sparkle in your steampunk jewelry-making projects will help give them a softer, more romantic flair. No one said that steampunk had to be all 18th-century cutting-edge and hard, cold metals.

Another idea for adding some authentic vintage sensibilities to your steampunk jewelry-making projects is to repurpose antique jewelry. Single earrings, broken necklaces and bracelets, and even antique brooches can successfully be modified and used as the focal points for unique steampunk jewelry.

Other Ideas for Steampunk Jewelry

This beautiful steampunk necklace by Beading Daily user Sarah Small uses kumihimo and antique copper beads to create what appears to be a metal bead chain, perfectly accenting the handmade focal piece. I would never have thought of using kumihimo to create a beautiful piece of steampunk jewelry, but this rope is both ethereal and industrial, the perfect combination for a piece of successful steampunk jewelry!

What better way to tell your personal story through steampunk jewelry than with your own handmade components? You can add a more personal touch to your steampunk jewelry by using handmade components, like handmade chain or handmade components made from metal clay.  Resin can also be used to create pendants and jewelry-making components using copies of antique family photos for your special steampunk jewelry-making projects.

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Now it's your turn: how do you make steampunk jewelry your own? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us how you tell stories with steampunk.

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