Thoughts On A Snowy May Day

May Day always makes me think of fresh wildflowers, sundresses, maypoles, and bare feet, so you can imagine how grumpy I was to be greeted by a fresh blanket of snow when I woke up on May 1st this year! As I was walking out to my car, bundled in layers and cursing the day that I decided to leave Southern California and move to Colorado, I caught a glimpse of the foothills behind my house. The red rocks looked stunning jutting out of the white snow, and the resilient spring greenery that had started to speckle the landscape was peeking through the drifts. The scene reminded me that, as ready as I am to put away my coats and break out the SPF, there is still a lot to be appreciated about this brief time when the seasons almost overlap.

While mulling this thought over later in the day I stumbled upon Australian artist Kirra Jamison's latest collection, titled Love Me Two Times. I was struck by how well each piece of artwork in this collection married cool, dormant, wintery colors with the electrically lively hues of spring:

So many of these pieces even look like flowers poking through a field of snow!

Kirra's stunning color palettes gave me so many exciting design ideas for new jewelry pieces! I am looking forward to burying myself in my stash this weekend and making up some jewelry designs in these great colors.

What started out as a gloomy May Day turned into a reminder that there are always silver linings…even in springtime snowstorms.

Happy May!



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