Things to Bead Around: Large Cabone Rings

These cabone rings can be found in any craft supply store with the yarn notions and make fabulous focal beads when covered with your favorite beading stitch!

I'm a craft store junky. If I have to run into my local bead crafts store to pick up just one or two things for a project, I always find myself migrating over to the yarn and fine art supplies to see if there's anything interesting that I can bead around or use to store my seed beads. Of course, there's always something new in the other craft supplies that I can use for my beading!

My latest craft store find are these wonderful cabone rings that I found with the yarn, knitting and crocheting notions. I remember my mother and my grandmother using smaller rings like these to make hundreds of crocheted potholders, and in her most recent book, Rachel Nelson-Smith uses the smaller rings to make wonderful beaded toggle clasps.

These large rings are about two inches (50mm) in diameter, so they may be a bit big for use as a toggle clasp, but they certainly make fabulous focal beads and links when you cover them with your favorite beading stitch! I started beading around my first ring with right-angle weave, and I'm experimenting with peyote stitch and herringbone stitch as well to add different textures and patterns.

Being fascinated with symbols the way I am, these rings are perfect for making all sorts of meaningful beading projects. Mandalas, wheels and circles are all spiritually significant symbols that can be interpreted with beads in many ways. They can be painted, embellished or wrapped with fibers, ribbons, and cords.

Look for some new tutorials in the next few weeks where I'll show you how to cover these with different beading stitches! Beaded rings make awesome components for your original beaded jewelry designs!

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