The String Me Along Beading Mat and Project Organizer

Among some of my most important beading supplies are my many beading mats. Having a good work surface can make all the difference when you're working on a complex beading project, so I usually have three or four different types of beading mats in my beading tool kit. Since I travel with my beads on occasion, I also have a few different types of travel beading mats that I can take with me. The newest addition to this collection of beading mats is the String Me Along Beading Mat and Project Organizer by the Well Done Experience.

This portable beading mat has a place where you can attach a plastic zippered compartment that is large enough to store a large spool of beading thread, a small pair of scissors, and all the beads you need for at least one or two projects. (I usually carry enough beads for three or four projects at a time!) Each plastic zippered compartment can be removed and replaced with a new one, so you can keep multiple beading projects organized and just take the ones that you want when you travel. The String Me Along Beading Mat and Project Organizer unrolls to become a velvet beading mat after you've removed your zippered compartment. When rolled up, the whole beading mat is the perfect size to tuck into a tote bag or backpack when traveling.

My only problem with the velvet beading mat in this product is that it is difficult for me to get the beading mat to lie completely flat on a hard surface. But I can easily tuck one of my favorite hard-backed work pads into the roll so that I will always have a hard surface on which to bead. You can also stretch out the beading mat and weigh it down on the corners to provide a more stable flat beading surface.

You can buy the String Me Along Beading Mat and Project Organizer directly from the Well Done Experience through their Etsy shop, along with extra project bags. You can also ask for this beading mat at your local bead shop.

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