The Poetry of Jewelry Making: Your Best Wire Wrapping Haiku Poems!

Once upon a time, before I became a beader, I fancied myself a bit of a poet. I found that writing haiku poems was a great way to get warmed up before a long writing session, and I still use them as writing prompts when I'm feeling stuck creatively.

A haiku is a simple Japanese poem that consists of three lines. The first line should be exactly five syllables; the second line, exactly seven syllables; and the third line, exactly five syllables. It sounds easy, but writing one of these poems is more difficult than you might think!

The subject of a haiku is traditionally something observed in nature, but I wondered what our beady Facebook fans could come up with when it came to haiku about wire wrapping. After all, if there's one thing that can be said about our readers, they are definitely creative!

Three Great Wire Wrapping Haiku

My pal Stephanie Dixon, also known as the Dixon Chick, came up with this lovely little wire wrapping haiku:

Mysterious wire
Hidden treasure to unfold
Creation from my own hand

Can't you just feel the Zen of that poem? It's true: wire wrapping takes something as ordinary as copper wire and turns it into something beautiful and magical!

Next up, metal jewelry artist Kate Ferrant Richbourg shared this wire wrapping haiku:

Wire, a saucy minx.
Wrap and link, rinse and repeat.
My addiction? Yes!

I love the images in Kate's wire wrapping poem. My wire wrapping projects should be fun-loving and a little bit mischievous, and not cold, hard drudgery. Let's see some sparks!

And finally, reader Candice Milhausen came up with this poetic expression of wire wrapping:

Wire is my passion
It makes me happy inside
Wearing beads with pride

And that's really what it's all about, isn't it? Wire wrapping and jewelry making is supposed to bring us joy!

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Want to try your hand at writing your own wire wrapping haiku? Remember the 5-7-5 rule for syllables per line, and leave your haiku here as a comment on this blog!

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