The (Not So) Humble Peyote Stitch Beaded Bead

How easy is this? Make a small piece of peyote stitch beadwork. Make sure the ends mesh with each other and then zip it up. You have just created what might be the most versatile piece of beadwork known to humankind: the peyote stitch beaded bead. You can make an easy beaded bracelet by stringing a few peyote stitch beaded beads with some pretty gemstone beads, but there are so many other things you can do with them!

Peyote stitch beaded beads make the best earrings. They're lightweight, quick and easy to make, and look great when you string them with a couple of crystals and metal accent beads. For this pair, I made a fancy diagonal striped pattern on the peyote stitch beaded bead, and I chose a couple of leftover Swarovski crystal bicones from my stash that matched the colors in the beaded bead.
Take your peyote stitch beaded beads a step further and make them the focal points in a necklace. For this piece, I used some glammed-up 14k gold Delicas and added a couple of little loops with some Swarovski crystal rounds. Vintage glass diamond beads in between each beaded bead also added a little bit of color.
Then you can make your peyote stitch beaded beads the focal point of a necklace. I had this gorgeous handmade ceramic focal bead from Lisa Peters Art and a matching strand of top-drilled freshwater pearls. I made a couple of peyote stitch beaded beads, added a second band of peyote stitch around each beaded bead, and then strung a few pearls from each peyote stitch band. Two of these beaded beads made a perfect centerpiece for a sparkling necklace!
If you don't want your beaded beads to be the focal point of your jewelry piece, you can also use them to make matching toggle bars for your favorite peyote stitched beaded cuff bracelets. Use the same beads that you used in the bracelet (or necklace) and you'll have the perfect handmade clasp for your newest beaded jewelry creation!

What's your favorite way to use peyote stitch beaded beads? Leave a comment here on the blog and tell us! Or better yet, post a picture in the Reader Photo Gallery of your favorite peyote stitch beaded bead creation!

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