The Easy Way to Get Started With Mixed Media Jewelry

Brass beads painted with Vintaj Patina Inks

I'll warn you right now: getting started with mixed media jewelry is a slippery slope. First you start with something easy like using patina inks to color vintage metal components and metal beads, and pretty soon, you're doing things like punching holes, adding texture, and stamping metal jewelry-making components!

Vintaj Big Kick Machine

It all started when I got my hands on some Vintaj Patina Ink kits and a handful of gorgeous African brass beads. While I loved the earthy look and feel of the brass beads, I wanted to give them a little bit of color, similar to some enameled copper and brass beads I'd seen. Since it's just not practical for me to do torch enameling, these Patina Ink kits were the perfect solution.

I've never been terribly talented when it comes to painting, but applying the Patina Inks was easy to do with a soft-bristled, inexpensive paint brush.

So, now that my defenses were down, I had no choice but to get my hands on the Vintaj Big Kick machine. I already had all the Patina Inks that I needed to add color to my metal pieces, so now I needed some texture. The Big Kick is a ton of fun to use — the texture plates not only work on shaped brass jewelry-making blanks, but they also add texture to card stock and leather! Even my six-year-old got in on the action and had fun cranking out textured metal jewelry-making components with me. (What do they say about the family that crafts together?)

Once I felt more comfortable manipulating and adding color to metal for my mixed media jewelry-making projects, I found myself learning how to make stamped jewelry. I love adding meaningful words to metal jewelry blanks, or even just adding a few decorative elements to a metal blank that I can link into a bead and wire chain for a simple beaded necklace or beaded bracelet.

There's something just so satisfying for me in learning how to get started with these easy mixed media jewelry-making techniques that now I'm always looking for ways I can sneak in a quick project in between bead-weaving projects. And the more I play with adding colors to my vintage metal components, the more ideas I get for creating beaded ropes and beaded chains for showcasing the finished pieces.

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