The Colorful Possibilities of Semiprecious Stones

The Colorful Possibilities of Semiprecious Stones

by Jean Campbell

To show the vast possibilities of shape, color, and texture available in stones I made a scramble through my stone bead stash. I’ve arranged these stones in little groups with their color families—red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Isn’t it amazing to see the wide variety of colors within each family? And when you arrange these color groups in a color wheel situation, pairing each with other primary or secondary colors, you quickly get a sense of the design possibilities.

Primary Color Stones


Red: strawberry quartz, red quartz (dyed), garnet, rose quartz, red jasper, coral
Blue: kyanite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, apatite, amazonite
Yellow: citrine, lemon jade, lemon quartz, yellow jade, yellow turquoise

Secondary Color Stones

Green: chrysocolla, African turquoise, olive serpentine, chita jasper, peridot, jade
Orange: redwood jasper, orange serpentine, feldspar, carnelian, red agate
Purple: amethyst, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, crazy lace agate (dyed), lepidolite 

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