The Business of Jewelry: Alternatives to Etsy

When you think about selling your handmade jewelry online, the first online marketplace that probably comes to mind is Etsy. But there are lots of great alternatives to Etsy for expanding your jewelry business into the realm of online sales.

Goodsmiths is a relatively new online marketplace for selling your handmade jewelry.

Big Cartel has a range of plans available at different price points for the serious handmade jewelry artisan.

If you're ready to set up an online shop for your jewelry business, before you dive head first into Etsy, take a look at four of my favorite online marketplaces for selling your handmade jewelry as an alternative to Etsy.

Four Online Marketplaces As Alternatives to Etsy

1. Goodsmiths The newest online marketplace for handmade goods, Goodsmiths is a clean, easy-to-use marketplace. There are no listing fees or shop set-up fees, and each sale is charged a 2% commission, which is lower than any other online marketplace.

Like Artfire, you can import your existing Etsy listings directly into your Goodsmiths shop using their utility.

While there are no direct phone numbers to contact for support, there is an easy way to contact the folks at Goodsmiths via email.

2. Made It Myself If you're looking to sell your handmade jewelry online,  Made It Myself is the place to showcase your handmade goods. Selling your work on Made It Myself looks like a combination of eBay and Etsy. Sellers can let buyers know that their prices are negotiable, and for an extra fee, can have products featured throughout the site on the category pages. Sales are subject to a 3% commission.

Finding out just how to sell on Made It Myself was a little bit of a chore. As far as I could see, there was no single page with all the listing fees and features available.

3. DaWanda  DaWanda has Engliish, French, and German platforms, for selling in multiple languages across multiple countries. Listing fees are charged only on the German DaWanda platform, and all sales made on DaWanda are charged a 5% commission. (This is because the German site has more features than the French and English sites.) If you are listing products on the DaWanda French and German sites, those listings must be written in French and German.

Similar to the new Etsy Gift Cards, there are Vouchers available for DaWanda.

Buyers on DaWanda can create wish lists that are easily shared on Facebook, and similar to the Treasury function on Etsy, members on DaWanda can create Pinboards with their favorite items.

4. Big Cartel Of all the online marketplaces I took a look at, Big Cartel was by far the most artistic, and truly geared for artists who sell one-of-a-kind and high end work.

Big Cartel doesn't charge a commission on sales, and their pricing plans run from no fees at all for a basic five item account all the way up to $29.99 a month for no more than 300 items with full functionality (analytics, discount codes, custom URL). Those kinds of fees and features are probably best for someone who isn't ready for their own website yet, but still wants to have control over the look of their online shop and access to useful metrics.

Remember To Take Great Pictures

Remember that no matter where you list your handmade jewelry for sale, having great photos is key to having great sales. That's where Jim Lawson, photographer for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine can help. In his new video, Shoot, Share, Sell, you can learn all about how to use your smartphone to take great pictures of your jewelry for listing in your online shop. You really don't need a lot of fancy equipment or expensive software — just a couple of good lights and a smartphone is all you need to take professional-looking photographs!

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Have you ever used a smartphone for taking photos of your handmade jewelry? Do you have any tips to share with us? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us how you get the best pictures of your handmade jewelry using your smartphone!

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