The Bracelet-Earrings-Necklace from Hell, Part Two

Somewhere along the way (after I recovered from my bead-induced hives) I got the brilliant idea that I should go back to the necklace plan. Like all good beaders at one time or another, I decided that my problem was that my stash was too small. In order to finish this project in all its glory, I needed more. I had an idea to use copper chain somehow in the necklace. And once my mind latched onto that idea, it stuck. Then I had the happy problem for several months of looking for chain and not finding the kind that was in my imagined design. ("Lookin' for chain in all the wrong places. . .")

And then I went to Bead Expo. At the time, this was the largest bead show I had ever attended. I dutifully minded the Beading Daily booth.

Then, contributing editor Sandi Wiseheart came back to the booth (from her lunch break, definitely not off buying beads) and said, "Lady Bug Beads is selling a bunch of chain."

The chain of my dreams, sort of

And so I was obligated to go look. Of course, I saw the chain of my dreams and had to buy it. But when I got back home, the chain wasn't exactly right. The loops were too big, and the sections were too spread apart for what I wanted to do. I fussed and fumed.

Desparation is an ugly thing and I finally did something so outrageous, I couldn't believe it.

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