The Best Beading Patterns for Any Occasion

Even after all these years spent working with tiny seed beads, I’m still amazed at how a random pile of beads, some thread, and a relatively simple bead weaving stitch can create a beautiful piece of finished beadwork. A universe of infinite possibilities stretches before us when we sit down to make a piece of jewelry from a beading pattern, and over the years, I’ve collected a few favorites from the pages of Beadwork magazine. Check out my lists of favorite beading patterns that I’ve shared over the years here on the Beading Daily blog and see if any of your favorites made the list!

My Favorite Beadweaving Projects From Marcia DeCoster

Marcia has always been a huge inspiration to me, and these 5 beading patterns, some from her Designer Of the Year collection, showcase both her talent as an artist and the incredibly versatility of right-angle weave.

Romantic Seed Bead Patterns by Kelly Wiese

When it comes to capturing the romance of beaded jewelry design, Kelly’s patterns are second to none. Using some of our favorite beading supplies like crystals, pearls, and metallic seed beads, you’ll be completely smitten with these timeless beaded jewelry designs.

10 Beading Projects for Autumn

What’s not to love about autumn? The forest around my house is suddenly aglow with shades of yellow, red, and orange, and you can practically taste the apple cider in the air. Why not celebrate your favorite things about autumn with one of these 10 beading patterns?

Runway Worthy Beaded Wedding Jewelry

I’ve always believed that everything about a wedding should reflect the unique style, tastes, and stories of the couple at the center of the celebration. So, why settle for ordinary beaded wedding jewelry? Use your imagination and your creativity to customize your favorite seed bead patterns and beading projects to match your chosen theme for the big day.

Looking for something special that I didn’t include in my list? No worries – take a look at the fabulous beading projects available as instant downloads in the Beading Daily Shop. You’ll find thousands of seed bead patterns and jewelry making projects using seed beads, glass beads, crystals, pearls, shaped glass beads, and more! And for a limited time, all our beading projects are on sale, so stock up now and start beading tonight.

Do you have a favorite beading project that isn’t included in my list? Leave a comment here and leave the name of the project and the designer so we can share our favorite projects!

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